The Forum delivers a platform for diverse international organizations to collaborate and share resources and give visibility to various projects and initiatives, start-ups and businesses directed to or run by women. 

Through this collaboration we have inspired many women to change the conversation on how we are perceived in business and as entrepreneurs. 

Some examples of the changes that have been instigated both locally and internationally include the following:

  • Launch of our first international Hub in Spain in March 2014 hosted by the US Embassy in Madrid, with liaisons in Madrid and the Canary Islands. In the latter, we are building alliances with different institutions to start a Youth Program for girls to learn how to code and to establish a Social Lab.
  • The establishment of other Hubs is being discussed with liaisons in Australia, China (Beijing), Italy, Mexico and Sweden.
  • Jane Sloane from Global Fund for Women, our guest speaker in March, inspired many of attendees to join the movement to enhance the livelihoods of women in developing countries.

Members of the Forum organizations will continue to drive programs that are challenging and thought provoking to stimulate innovative approaches to business and other initiatives. 

We welcome the participation of like-minded individuals as we endeavor to drive change through the exchange of ideas, opinions and viewpoints.